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Green Mark's European Social Fund Technical Assistance Newsletter - November 2012

Green Mark's European Social Fund Technical Assistance Newsletter - November 2012

31 October 2012

Green Mark is a nationally recognised certification scheme which helps organisations to manage their environmental impact, save money and resources and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

GLE is currently providing free Green Mark certifications for ESF funded organisations, as part of the ESF Technical Assistance programme. Free Green Mark support is available for organisations who hold an ESF contract directly, and those who participate as a formal partner.

If you are not already involved in this programme and wish to enquire about availability, please contact the Green Mark team. Organisations are selected on a first-come-first-served basis, so register soon to avoid disappointment!

Tel: 020 7940 1556

Success Stories

Green Mark is working with a wide range of organisations in receipt of ESF funding. Below are two organisations who have recently been awarded Green Mark Level 1 certification.

Island House Community Centre awarded Green Mark Level One

Island House, a multi-cultural community centre based in Tower Hamlets, achieved Green Mark Level 1 in October of this year. >>Read More

Quarterly Focus: Energy Use and Efficiency

With the rising costs of energy inundating the news and the winter months fast approaching, there has never been a better time to address your energy usage and become more efficient (and in doing so, save money!)

Reducing the energy usage of your organisation does not need to be an expensive and laborious task. Click here for some simple steps you can take to reduce your business' energy demands.

Saving energy in the home

Energy saving practices should not be confined to the workplace - energy efficiency is important in the home too. For tips and tools on saving energy at home, visit the Energy Saving Trust's website.

Legislation Update

The Energy Bill

Soon to be finalised, the long awaited UK Energy Bill will allow UK businesses and investors to have some medium-term certainty about the country's energy policy landscape. Visit the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s website for more information.

Why save energy?

The Climate Change Act 2008 legally binds the UK to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, the UK must have reduced greenhouse gas levels by 80% of 1990 levels. (Department of Energy & Climate Change, 2012)

Did you know?

Whilst switching a computer off will create a small surge in energy, leaving a computer running will use more. Therefore, if not in use, switch it off.

According to the Carbon Trust’s energy saving calculator, an organisation of 10 staff can save up to £129 a year simply by switching off monitors when not at desks and computers at the end of the day.

For more information about how Green Mark can help your organisation contact or telephone 02036 971253.

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