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Help for Charities and Landlords to Work Together

Help for Charities and Landlords to Work Together

17 November 2011

Based in East London, the Ethical Property Foundation, helps charities to build relations with landlords and developers, introducing and monitoring real sustainability measures in the work place.

Research undertaken by the Foundation identified that one major barrier to organisations introducing sustainability measures to the work place is lack of control over systems and processes in buildings.

For organisations who lease their premises, the ability to baseline their energy and water use, as well as lower consumption in these areas may not be feasible within their contract, due to a lack of control over resources which supply their business.

To help organisations gain more control over their building and undertake real cost saving interventions, Ethical Property Foundation offers independent, ethical advice and training to help charities work with landlords and consider the social and environmental impact of their property.

The organisation has also been running a course called Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace with Talk Action, for private, public and charitable organisation. Landlord and tenant issues are one of the areas covered.

To find out more about Ethical Property Foundation and the events they run visit their website at

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