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Energy Use and Efficiency

Energy Use and Efficiency

28 November 2012

With the rising costs of energy prices inundating the news, and the winter months fast approaching, the time has never been better to become more energy efficient.

Reducing energy use and increasing the energy efficiency of your organisation can lead to significant cost savings. With the widely accepted link between human development and climate change, reducing your energy use is a key way your business can make a positive contribution to the environment and attract stakeholders.

Reducing the energy intensity of your organisation does not need to be an expensive and laborious task. Below are some steps you can take to reduce your business’ energy demands:

Low cost initiatives to reduce energy:

  • Switch off lighting, machinery and other appliances or equipment (e.g. IT equipment) when they are not needed or in use.
  • Turn down heating thermostats to a comfortable constant temperature (18-21°C).
  • Ensure that the optimum temperature for your hot water tank systems is no higher than 60°C.
  • Use timers and zoning, if available, on heating and lighting when they are not needed.
  • Replace existing bulbs with energy efficient alternatives when they expire.
  • Enhance natural light by painting walls light colours, installing blinds to adjust light intensity or fit sky-lights.
  • Keep existing windows and skylights clean.
  • Switch to a green energy supplier such as Ecotricity: Green Energy tariffs are available at increasingly competitive prices.

High cost initiatives to reduce energy:

  • Purchasing modern energy efficient equipment and machinery.

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