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The business benefits of improving your environmental performance with Green Mark

Improve your environmental performance, identify cost savings and win new business.

Key Benefits

  • Internationally recognized accreditation
  • Easy to complete process that highlights cost savings
  • Comply with environmental legislation
  • Template guidance to help you develop an environmental management system
  • A stepping stone towards ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Access to:

  • Free energy cost assessment
  • InMetriks energy audit and benchmarking platforms
  • Bi-annual support workshop and energy legislation briefing
  • LinkedIn Community Group
  • Energy taxes resource and advice’
  • Certificate (valid for 1 year)
  • Marketing materials (including a logo)

Green Mark can help you reduce your operational costs

According to The Carbon Trust, UK businesses are paying more than £1.6bn too much on their energy bills every year, and could be saving up to 15% on their energy bills through energy efficiency measures.

Green Mark specialises in helping businesses increase efficiency and is a viable financial opportunity.

Russell Press have saved £8,000 per year through Green Mark

Russell Press have saved £8,000 per year through Green Mark

As a result of Green Mark initiatives, Russell Press saved £8,000 per year by reducing their paper usage,. They also made significant achievements in lowering energy and fuel usage, sourcing of ethical materials, and use of recycled and chlorine free materials.

Green Mark not only taught us the importance of minimising our impact on the environment, but more importantly how." - Mike Coates, General Manager.

Crisis benefit from Green Mark


“We were delighted with the service we received and would strongly recommend it to anyone. The Green Mark team were very helpful and supported us throughout the process” –Glenn Gunner, Facilities Coordinator Crisis UK

Green Mark can help you future-proof your business

Green Mark can help you future-proof your business by reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency.

According to Ofgem, energy costs are expected to rise by at least 40% over the next decade. Green Mark can help your business manage the risks associated with energy price shocks by identifying ways to reduce your energy use.

A Green Mark can increase your chances of securing new contracts

Business tenders now allocate up to 10% of their scores to environmental issues. 61% of people more likely to buy from a company if it has a good reputation for reducing its impact on climate change (Carbon Trust, 2009). Therefore demonstrating your organisation's commitment to the environment with a Green Mark can significantly increase your chances of securing new business.

However, many smaller organisations may not have the resources to achieve an internationally environmental accredit scheme such as ISO 14001 and EMAS. Green Mark provides an affordable option to organisations wishing to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability.

As the Green Mark process is aligned with international certifications, achieving Green Mark can provide a first step for organisations wishing to work towards these qualifications, and could reduce the amount of expensive consultancy time required to achieve such accreditations.

Green Mark can provide guidance on how to comply with environmental legislation

As environmental legislation continues to get tighter, the number of organisations unwittingly violating legislation is likely to rise. Your Green Mark advisor can provide guidance on new and existing legislation, reducing the risk of prosecution.

Improve employee engagement by tapping into their creative problem solving ability

Aligning your business culture with your efficiency goals

Boosting staff engagement by increasing their awareness of environmental issues may seem like a step into the unknown, however tapping into their enthusiasm is a key way to align your business culture with your efficiency goals.

A useful marketing tool

Achieving Green Mark provides evidence of a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Green Mark brings credibility to your environmental claims, as the process provides an external, independent assessment of your environmental performance. Upon certifying, you will be presented with a set of useful marketing tools to help promote your green achievements.

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