Action Acton Re-certify to Green Mark Level 1

Education, employment and enterprise charity, Action Acton found ways to save money and reduce their environmental impact cost effectively during their recent recertification to Green Mark Level 1.

Action Acton have proven that going green needn’t cost the earth during their recent recertification to Green Mark Level 1.

Action Acton is a registered charity and a voluntary body working in partnership with statutory, voluntary, community and private sector agencies to promote economic and community regeneration in Acton and the Borough of Ealing.

Since first achieving Green Mark in 2008, Action Acton have embedded the ethos of sustainability throughout their practices, and have continued to take steps to reduce the impact that their operations have on the environment.

Walking through the office, it is clear that Action Acton encourages staff and visitors to minimise the amount of energy they use. For example, stickers are placed around all sockets to remind people to switch off appliances when they are being used.

The team have also found unusual and innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact. For example, instead of paying a waste contractor to pick up their shredded paper, Action Acton have partnered with a nearby pet shop where their shredded paper is used as animal bedding.

The benefits of this partnership include saving money and keeping pets warm. Lastly, this partnership helps Action Acton comply with the Waste Hierarchy, which outlines the value of reuse and recycling over final disposal, demonstrating that Action Acton has reduced its environmental impact.

Sustainable practice is not just confined to the operations of Action Acton’s offices and sites either. Recognising the importance of sustainability, Action Acton is in the process of developing networks with other sustainability-focused organisations across London. Once these networks are fully established, Action Acton hopes to spread the sustainability message across Action and Ealing.