Latest ESF funded organisation to be awarded Green Mark

asphaleia action, a charity based in Worthing, is the latest ESF funded organisation to be awarded Green Mark Level 1.

The charity provides support and training services which positively impact the lives of children and young people, particularly refugees and disadvantaged groups. The training delivered by asphaleia includes basic skills and skills for life, courses which enable people to progress into further education or find employment.

Green Mark has been working with asphaleia since July 2011, helping them to establish targets which would both save money and reduce their environmental impact. Staff champion Becky Easkiovitch has since been coordinating these activities, working hard to increase recycling, conducting an energy audit of the premises, managing compliance with legislation, and raising awareness in colleagues and learners.

The final audit was carried out in January 2012, during which we discussed their achievements and recorded all progress made towards the Green Mark award. We were impressed to see a range of awareness raising measures in place, including the inclusion of their environmental policy and achievements on a brand new website, and new modules in the induction and training materials for staff.

asphaleia are already looking to the future and considering their next steps. They plan to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions as part of their annual Green Mark recertification in 2013, while also working closely with cleaning staff to increase the use of environmentally friendly products. We look forward to assisting them over the coming year!