Car wash company Hands On attend parliament award for achievement of Green Mark Level 2

Hands On (aka Heroes –the car wash people) have received recognition from their local council, and were recently invited to Parliament to be presented with the Green Mark Level 2 award by Adam Holloway, MP for Gravesham.Car wash company Hands On attend parliament award for achievement of Green Mark Level 2

At the awards, Hands On were congratulated for their drive to take real and lasting action. Special mention was made of their commitment to regularly update procedures, use of non-hazardous chemicals, and greening of their supply chain.

Hands On is a hand car wash service operating within over 150 car parks throughout the UK. They previously held Green Mark Level 1 in 2009, rewarding their environmentally friendly approach to car washing.

They have now recertified and progressed to the higher Level 2 award, showing their commitment to environmentally responsibility and the value it brings to their company.

Bob Dine, the Commercial Director at Hands On, approached Green Mark in August 2011 looking to recertify their head office in Kent. In addition to promoting their service, which uses minimum water, no electricity and safe cleaning products, Bob wished to pursue other environmental initiatives through the Green Mark scheme. With full commitment from Hands On CEO Rick Plowman, the company embarked on Level 2 to help improve resource efficiency and demonstrate their commitment to delivering a low-impact service.

Green Mark Level 2 helped Hands On to develop an Environmental Management System (EMS), which allows them to control and reduce their environmental impacts in a coordinated and logical manner. Their EMS pulls together all environmental activities being done across the company, making it easier to plan for the future and adapt to change. It also provides them with a valuable route towards achieving ISO 14001 by reducing the amount of preparatory work it would require.

Richard Plowman’s commitment to the environment was described by the MP as a “labour of love”, one which makes a real difference to the environment, their employees and consumers. Hands On are a great example of a growing organisation that seeks to control their environmental impact and plan for a more sustainable future.