ELATT saves running costs and reduces its environmental impact whilst working towards Green Mark Level 2

ELATT is an educational charity based in Hackney, which specialises in training people in Microsoft Office skills, web development, IT support, literacy, numeracy and English as a second language. Employees, students and trustees strive to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The charity has already achieved Green Mark Level 1 and is now developing an Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to be certified for Green Mark Level 2.

An initiative to control the rising cost and waste produced by students printing has already reduced running costs. The new printing policy includes using software, which was installed and deployed within a couple of hours and now records the number of pages printed by people.

Students are then given a printing quota of £10 to £12 per course, depending on their academic year level. Students are not charged for printing in excess of their quota, however, they are required to request additional credit from the IT Support Team when they run out of credit.

The software uses a pop-up window to communicate with users via networked work stations about their balances, or any print jobs that were refused on grounds of using colour or grey scale. The introduction of the new policy has significantly reduced waste paper generated by student printing, saving both money and trees.

The success of the student print management process has also encouraged the team’s IT staff to monitor staff printing levels, raise awareness of waste and encourage people to decide whether they really needed to print something.

Reports on paper usage are produced regularly and this helps ELATT to maintain its allotted quotas on paper use. This has reduced the frequency of servicing needed for printer, thereby saving money again. The charity has also saved money by using less toner ink, particularly by reducing the unnecessary use of colour printing. This has indirectly reduced energy costs too.

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