Green Mark Level 2 for Family owned Scrap Metal Company

FJ Church and Sons Ltd, recertified to Green Mark Level 2 in June 2011. The scrap metal company founded in 1887, have been awarded Green Mark certification for a number of years, and continually strive to improve their environmental performance.

Their principle activity is the repurposing of non-ferrous scrap metal in preparation for resale, with the company receiving scrap metal and catalytic converters from both the UK and abroad.

In recertifying to Green Mark Level 2, the company built upon an already high level of environmental awareness, particularly in their commitment to lowering energy usage, reducing waste and promoting environmental awareness to staff and customers.

The Green Mark consultant worked with the organisation to develop further environmental actions, including a transport policy which related both to the onsite fleet and vehicles belonging to members of staff.

As a result of Green Mark and their commitment to the environment, FJ Church have also begun to put systems in place to monitor their energy use and recycling levels as part of the implementation of an environmental management system.

The achievement forms an important part of their business model and puts them in a great position to progress to other accreditations such as ISO 14001.