Multi-cultural community centre in Tower Hamlets

Island House provide a range of education, health and social welfare projects for adults and young people as well as offering space and support to local voluntary organisations. Approximately 250 people are welcomed to the building every week.

Island House began the process of addressing their environmental performance in 2007, implementing the ‘Greening of Island House’ project with support from Green Mark and the Isle of Dogs Community Foundation.

The centre was able to finance the process of environmental improvement with initial funding from the Isle of Dogs Community Foundation. With a number of milestones set by Island House, the funding helped the centre implement the changes between autumn 2007 and spring 2010.

During the project, the community centre tracked their progress from start to finish, developing a green manual for other community organisations in the area to support them in their own greening projects. Island House have succeeded in making effective environmental efficiency improvements to the building both structurally and through its use.

Energy efficiency measures introduced to the building include a split immersion heater, timer controls on heating and double glazed windows. The installation of Solar Panels in November will also significantly improve the building’s energy efficiency. Staff and visitors will be made aware of the amount of energy produced and carbon savings made via an energy display in the reception area.

There will also be an on-going initiative to monitor energy usage as a whole across the building. Island house have put extensive recycling facilities in place across the building and worked to raise awareness across resident organisations. This has promoted waste awareness and minimisation to staff and visitors.

The Green Mark team look forward to working with Island House again in a year, to recertify their achievements and support them towards achieving a Green Mark Level 2.