MI ComputSolutions-Brixton-Deptford- achieve Green Mark Level 1

The Green Mark team are pleased to award MI ComputSolutions with Green Mark Level 1 at both their Brixton and Deptford centres.

MI ComputSolutions is a training provider, delivering projects to improve individuals’ employment opportunities. This is achieved by delivering targeted careers advice and skills-based interventions such as focused training courses and employment training services.

Reducing waste is ingrained in MI ComputSolutions’ culture, demonstrated by the refurbishing and recycling of PCs. Coded printing is also in place, making people think twice before they print – reducing volumes of ink and paper used – reducing environmental impact and also costs.

To build on existing practices and to assist in the implementation of Green Mark, MI ComputSolutions established a Sustainability Working Group. It is the group’s objective to devise a range of initiatives to reduce the environmental impacts and ensure the sustainability of their sites and communicate this message to staff and cleaners.

When waste is produced, MI ComputSolutions have made fantastic efforts to ensure that waste is managed correctly. For example, to ensure that all waste that can be recycled is recycled– MI ComputSolutions have agreed with cleaners that general waste bins are to be sorted – and the recyclable materials taken out and placed in the recycling bins.

Measures to reduce energy use have also been implemented across both sites. For example, sensor lights have been installed in corridors and toilets, and prompts are placed throughout both centres reminding staff and learners to switch off the lights when not in use.

In addition, MI ComputSolutions have recognised the negative impact of transport on the environment. To minimise use of transport by staff and learners traveling to and from sites, MI ComputSolutions are exploring the promotion of alternative transport options, including cycle routes and walking maps.

Across centres, copies of the Environmental Policy displayed throughout the buildings promote environmental awareness and sustainable behaviour change. This is soon to be supported by a “Dummies Guide to the Environment”- currently being designed with the aim of creating an increased understanding of environmental issues and ways to achieve sustainable practice amongst learners and staff.

The Green Mark team look forward to working with MI ComputSolutions again – both to recertify their achievements in Brixton and Deptford and to certify other delivery sites with the Green Mark.

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