O’Sullivan Shopfitting are Rewarded for their High Standards of Environmental Management

O’Sullivan Shopfitting Ltd have been awarded a Green Mark Level Two in recognition of their commitment to environmental management.

The company have been trading for over 30 years, providing a variety of building management services to UK commercial sites including the Co-operative, Focus DIY and Poundland stores.

Green Mark has been working with O’Sullivan to lower the environmental impact of their Cambridge head office and external transport fleet. Through the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS), O’Sullivans have identified key environmental impacts such as waste, procurement, transport and energy usage. They have also identified both short and long-term ways to address these areas.

Environmental champion Terry Leahy, supported by Company Director Dave Elsom, calculated the emissions generated from electricity consumption and transportation use between 2010 and 2011. This data was used to set targets for a comparative reduction of energy usage by 10% in 2012 (against 2011 levels).

These targets act as a driver for the whole team, supporting Terry and Dave as they make real investments in environmental performance, which go far beyond the basic requirements of legislation.

The creation of an asset register, containing details of all office equipment and its potential for recycling, outlines standardised procedures for staff and visitors when dealing with different kinds of waste. Training on waste is also provided for staff, and is included in mandatory induction and training materials.

The inclusion of staff in all aspects of the EMS reflects the overall dedication of O’Sullivans to environmental responsibility and continual improvement.

As outlined in their transport policy and plan, all of O’Sullivan vehicles are tracked through a central monitoring system, which allows the head office to record their location, speed and fuel usage. The mapping of vehicles allows for jobs to be matched with the nearest available employee, reducing driving time and fuel usage.

All vehicles are fitted with restrictors to limit their speed below 70 mph, and many have stop-start systems to improve fuel efficiency. As a further step towards saving energy, employees are sent on driver training courses which offer guidance on improving fuel efficiency.

After using Climate Care to offset their energy consumption in 2011, O’Sullivans now plan to do the same for transport emissions in 2012. When combined with the 5% reduction in energy usage already achieved, these measures demonstrate their commitment to improving performance through reduced environmental impact and careful management practices. These measures will help them to achieve the ISO 14001 standard, which they are working towards in 2012.

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