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Embedding sustainable ethos from the forming of companies to their creation

Our Green Mark community incorporates a wide variety of companies such as 1st Formations which is an award-winning company formation agent and corporate services provider. They have formed over 750,000 companies and helped thousands of people grow their business to great heights.

In the past few years, they have seen an exceptional level of growth, with their customer base spanning across the globe to new marketplaces that are varied and widely different from one another. This has made them consider the impact of their actions, how they affect the environment both in terms of their operations, and indirectly through the products and services they offer to their customers.

Achieving Green Mark Level 1 is just the beginning for 1st Formations. We are 100% committed to completing our action plan, and putting sustainability – and achieving carbon net zero – at the front and centre of everything we do as a business.

Graeme Donnelly CEO

With the introduction of their Level 1 Green Mark accreditation, they have introduced a ‘Go Green’ option on site, encouraging their customers to get their company documents digitally delivered rather than printed and posted. Whilst also creating an environmental policy that’s been thoroughly embedded and part of their onboarding process. With a dedicated Green Team in place, it has become part of their culture, the levels of staff engagement within 1st Formations have been ‘genuinely awe inspiring’.

With excellence as a main ethos of their business, the development of their sustainability strategy didn’t differ from this. With the vision of reducing their environmental impact successfully and continuously, they knew that they would need to develop documentation which would be thorough and diligent to make sure that they are covering all of their business, operations and team members.

With Green Mark Level 1 achieved and the framework well underway in being established, the next logical and sustainable step is to begin working towards Green Mark Level 2 accreditation and continue pushing for environmental improvement in other areas of their overall business – and growing around their overarching plans. Another objective, is that they have started working towards becoming a carbon neutral company and will achieve this later in the year and the Green Mark team can’t wait to see what you achieve.

Sustainability is for everyone from SMEs to large portfolios, we simplify the process and make sure it’s user friendly to help you achieve your overall sustainable and environmental goals.

You can find their website here.

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