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Green Mark helping a private health company become more sustainable

Green Mark has been working with Circle Case Management to help them implement sustainable and environmental change throughout their business which is a private health and social company that specialises in Case Management and providing Expert Witness services of a medical nature.

The primary motivation for signing up to Green Mark was their interest in pursuing sustainability solutions as a small company, which aligns with Green Marks belief that everyone can make a difference and making sure that green accreditation is accessible to all.

With recent years bringing about change to the world and to the work environment. This has had an impact on the way Circle Case Management operates, but it has also presented an opportunity for them to review and assess areas that were not apparent to them before, such as how home working cut down their energy-use and waste in the head office.

The Green Mark team have been helping to make sure their team have a system in place for sustainability, particularly a method of recording their waste output and of all the great work they are doing to implement change.

Green Mark really helped us by giving us a starting point for what we should be measuring, and how to get members of our team involved in the process.

Circle Case Management

Prior to Green Mark, they had no means of tracking and recording the waste they were producing and a policy that advised staff to perform their duties with consideration to the environment, this was based on a contingent of trust in their team, and whilst they still maintain this trust, having Green Mark demonstrated to them how to measure what waste is being generated, and establishing benchmarks and targets that allowed for a massive difference to be made visible when it comes to reducing waste.

A major part of Green Mark is embedding cultural change from the grassroots up, you can see progress within the team at Circle Case Management, it has had an overall positive impact on the culture. Within the team there were already advocates voicing their interest in environmental issues prior to Circle Case Management applying for Green Mark, our framework has been an excellent platform for staff members to voice their ideas and thoughts as to how they can take initiatives forward when it comes to the environment, sustainability and creating change within.

You can find their website here.

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