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Green Mark creating a bespoke journey for manufactures within the UK

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Implementing green initiatives across their manufacturing operations

Green Mark is a sustainability framework that prides itself on being able to cater for all business whether they are SME’s or portfolios, we believe sustainability should be accessible to all, which aligns with the business model of Fernco Ltd who design a wide comprehensive range of couplings within the UK marketplace and beyond.

With businesses beginning to realise that if they act now, they will be ahead of other businesses and be a representation to their wider sector, aligning themselves to a sustainability accreditation such as Green Mark allows businesses to gain a starting point and embed a strategy that all within can follow.

Most businesses when starting the Green Mark process aren’t aware that they will need to do a deep dive into their operations to review where they aren’t doing the most with accordance to sustainability and where they are going above and beyond. Fernco Ltd was at the start of their journey where they needed to create and lay the foundations for an environmental strategy, the Green Mark team began with helping them to look at what they wanted to achieve and what aligns with their wider goal, becoming a more sustainable business.

Fernco Ltd was unique in the way that they reached an agreement on whether they should implement Green Mark within their business, through the Barnsley Net Zero scheme, where they were recommended to get involved with Green Mark to become more environmentally friendly.

Through the process of beginning to build their framework they developed their journey to work for them and their teams, which meant they gained an insight into Green Mark and also sustainability, through the aid of our team and also their own initiatives they began to engrain confidence into what they were talking about.

Recently they have achieved their Level 1 Green Mark accreditation with us, which is a great step forward, to allow their business grow in the right direction and implement change within their local community and environment where they are involved with local litter picking groups to clear up their area and also engaging with the wider community to spread sustainable practices.

Whilst reviewing their practices and building upon what they have already done, they are looking into ways that they can reduce their carbon usage further, with one aim being the implementation of solar panels onto the roof of their building. Whilst also reviewing their waste processes, they have identified additional recycling opportunities, which can reduce their overall waste output. One opportunity is regarding rubber waste with the aim of it being repurposed into new products, in other markets, and contribute more to a circular economy.

With the commitment to sustainability and the environment a growing demand not only from the government and the wider consumer marketplace, it is a vote of faith to see businesses committing to sustainable accreditation like Green Mark, where we believe, and also the community believes, that they are making a difference for their communities and the world.

You can find their website here.

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