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Green Mark assisting SMEs to access procurement frameworks

Public Frameworks within the UK
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Accreditation driven success

Drawing on our knowledge of working with the public and private sectors over the last decade, our user-friendly, education, science-driven approach means we work in close partnership with our community to deliver realistic results which are in line with company goals.

Our team of sustainable specialists are dedicated to helping businesses work towards tight deadlines, begin their accreditation journeys, and maximise their investment in becoming more sustainable. Every client is assigned a dedicated customer support executive to provide guidance and assistance throughout their journey.

Green Mark can assist you in becoming more sustainable within your sector and provide you with an established accreditation that allows you to access greater business opportunities through vehicles such as procurement frameworks. 

Does that sound like a solution you would be interested in? Green Mark is that solution.

Reach out to our team today to make your Mark.

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