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Kingston upon Thames Green Business Challenge

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What could your business do with a £2000 eco-boost?

All Kingston based, micro and small sized businesses are invited to apply to join a pilot project, which will give 15 local enterprises the opportunity to complete free environmental audits.

Each business will use the Green Mark framework to assess their environmental performance and in doing so, identify opportunities for improvement. They will then be able to make an application for funding from Kingston Council, to help them implement positive changes to their businesses, which will drive efficiency and reduce costs.

The aim of the project is to show how every business can make a difference, and by assessing their operations and creating workable action plans, they can establish simple processes that push for continuous improvement.

This smart initiative is the result of a collaborative effort between Kingston Council and Green Mark, whereby these lucky companies will be able to achieve Green Mark Accreditation, plus funding of up to £2,000 per business, to help realise projects which deliver more sustainable operations. For more information click here. Please register your interest here.

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