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Making small changes add up to bigger impacts

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Laurent-Perrier leading their industry towards being more sustainable

House of Laurent-Perrier has been defined by its pioneering role in innovating Champagne throughout its history. Laurent-Perrier (UK) is committed to ending all practices or actions which may cause irreversible damage to the environment. This pledge is translated and put into action across all activities, showing a continual respect for the environment and natural resources.

Having a history of being involved in great endeavours, in 1998 Laurent-Perrier was awarded the Royal Warrant from HRH the Prince of Wales.

In the current decade of climate and sustainability action, Laurent-Perrier is no stranger to making sure they are leading the way. Within Laurent-Perrier (UK), Georgina Noad is the UK based lead who is responsible for their sustainability push and for motivating the business to adopt more sustainable practices throughout. The team was looking for assistance in becoming a leader in the industry, to improve their policies in regard to sustainability and environmental issues, and has been working side by side Green Mark to achieve outstanding results.

Laurent-Perrier (UK) has been with Green Mark for 2 years, and this relationship has helped Laurent-Perrier (UK) achieve their Level 1 accreditation, which has encouraged a constant evolution at the UK head office and at home too. Now working towards their level 2 accreditation, the team has introduced changes throughout their UK operations that have resulted in a big overall impact:

  • Working with the Chiltern Rangers to rewild and restore nature
  • Removing plastic from packaging
  • Recycling electrical goods
  • Working towards being completely paperless in their UK head office
  • Keeping employees engaged and informed on all sustainability matters
  • Releasing a limited-edition Cuvée Rosé Butterfly Robe, symbolising our need to protect the environment.
  • Partnering with charity “Plant Life” as a corporate partner
  • Introducing digital Christmas cards

Laurent-Perrier UK has completed these changes to help drive down their overall environmental impact. Encouraging their team to consider all aspects of sustainability, Laurent-Perrier (UK) with Green Mark’s guidance is raising awareness and still planning further improvements.

The ongoing development of their Environmental Management System using the Green Mark framework, is also allowing the business to track its progress against targets on usage, utilities and waste. It has also led to increased engagement with suppliers to encourage sustainability in their supply chains, by rewarding business to those companies which are seeking green accreditation and have sustainability policies in place.

“Green Mark has guided us perfectly on our sustainability journey. They have encouraged us to look closely at general business practises, and where we can, make small changes for a big impact. With Green Mark’s support, we are fully committed to being a responsible company who can drive down our overall environmental impact.”

Georgina Noad – Laurent-Perrier (UK)

The journey with Green Mark means that behavioural change is embedded throughout Laurent-Perrier (UK) to bring about long-term change and continuous improvement.

Here is their website:

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