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Green goals aligning with their members

Parliament Hill has been working with Green Mark to achieve their accreditation. The services they provide are benefits and offers to membership organisations (associations, royal colleges, mutuals, unions and charities), that provide value to members’ everyday lives. 

The core of their motivation to join the Green Mark community is that their members are at the heart of everything that they do and they wanted to start their sustainability journey for their members and for the future of their business. One of the first objectives they achieved was the setting up of a project group to help steer their sustainability endeavours and identify what milestones they wanted to achieve, and begin working towards and achieving an accreditation from a reputable body was a key part of their journey.

With this in mind they researched different certifications but agreed that Green Mark was the best fit for Parliament Hill. Having been really impressed with the consultative approach that we take and that we also offer different levels of accreditation, which would give the team goal posts to progress towards.

With the Green Mark team’s help we have helped our Green Mark community member to get behind their sustainability journey and make sure everyone is a part of developing and adopting their new policies for sustainable working. Due to this Parliament Hill has become more engaged and enthusiastic about their sustainability journey, through sharing examples of what they have changed in both their personal and professional lives. Showing how Green Mark can be for the office and work from home too.

Working remotely meant decisions were being made at an individual level, and could not rely on office policies regarding sustainable decisions. Through consulting different members of their team for their input, and using their ideas they created the basis for a sustainable WFH policy. This policy was brought in in order to steer their team in the right direction and to make sure that even working from home, they were able to become greener as a company.

Having multiple departments means there is more creative scope to make the company greener, to encourage their colleagues to make more eco-friendly decisions in their day to day lives, and to help the company on its journey. Through the implementation of this collaborative group, they have come up with ideas and strategies on how to progress on their sustainability journey. Parliament Hill are always looking to the future to see how they can improve and Green Mark is there to support them through their implementation of greener ideals, behavioural change, and championing sustainability.

With their aims set and their teams ready to achieve this year, Parliament Hill are heading towards achieving their Green Mark Level 2 accreditation, with the help of the GM team this will be a task that they can achieve.

You can find their sustainability page here.

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