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Red Door Homes and their move to being greener

Red Door Homes is a family run business which takes great pride in providing high quality and sustainable shared accommodation for professionals in Gloucester, Cheltenham and Worcester.

The Green Mark ethos fits well with the strong values the family hold when it comes to the environment and sustainability, and they chose Green Mark to show their tenants and investors that the respect they have for the environment is being translated into business operations that are increasingly efficient.

When developing their properties, Green Mark is enabling Red Door Homes to take a structured and measured approach which considers the environment in everything it does.

With the support of the Green Mark team, Red Door Homes have established a framework for continuous improvement, with targeted action plans and milestones to evaluate progress and take learnings forward.

“Red Door Homes has been with Green Mark for three years, with the past two years being a major challenge due to the consistent problems caused by COVID. However, despite these challenges, we are very proud to have retained our environmental ethos, and not resort to cheaper, more environmentally unsound practices.”

Red Door Homes – David Lockett

As they grow their operations and develop more quality accommodation, Red Door Homes continues to put the local environment at the forefront of its projects so that their residents and locals can enjoy the best possible surroundings. Currently they are working on projects to encourage more wildlife, to bring their properties and residents closer to nature.

The business has also taken a much broader approach, and is focusing on how to minimise the impact of business-related travel and transport emissions, reconsidering the way they operate and using local suppliers where possible. The business is also paper free and is always looking for energy-efficient technology to provide a significant reduction in energy and carbon.

Together, Red Door Homes and Green Mark are inspiring change and showing the importance of sustainable businesses being closely connected with their local communities.

You can see their website here:

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