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Green Mark is working with this historic brand to embed sustainability

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Becoming a more sustainable consumer brand

This case study is aimed at shedding light on the achievements that Samsonite’s Gunwharf Quays store has progressed towards.

Samsonite International is the largest travel luggage company in the world with over 110 years of history. The company started as a small trunk manufacturing company and progressing into the modern era it’s now involved in designing, sourcing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing of luggage, business bags, outdoor and casual bags across a number of brands. 

In today’s climate, large conglomerates are learning sustainable best practices from the wider industry or asking for support from industry experts, which they then embed in their operations throughout the spheres they operate in.

It is noteworthy that Samsonite chose Green Mark to cement their overall sustainability credentials at a site-by-site basis, and create an environment where a sustainability journey is the catalyst to inspire teams to think greener/sustainably in all areas of the business.

Embracing our support allows for wider engagement of your teams and gaining their input through providing them with a platform to brainstorm ideas and initiatives, around how Samsonite could increase their commitment to the local environment at a local level, whilst integrating sustainability into their business ‘being the right thing to do’.

Part of the process of working with Green Mark is the education process involved. Samsonite is now embracing this throughout, whilst expanding their knowledge within the subject matter provided by us. Doing so has brought their overall teams along whilst fostering a thriving and successful sustainable company that has their ear to the ground and able to adapt to current trends.

Whilst the Samsonite Gunwharf Quays team are on this sustainability journey the wider centre management has been communicated with every step of the way via all channels, to keep them informed and educated about the process, becoming a standard within the local shopping centre and community.

The Green Mark team look forward to seeing Samsonite UK deliver upon their accreditation with the implementation of our framework company-wide which will streamline their sustainability journey, through the delivery of an Environmental Management System that delivers results from day one and incessantly. 

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