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How Can I Make My Business Greener & Leaner?

Recently Jamie from Green Mark our account lead took part in a SightCare webinar, explaining how opticians can start thinking about the environmental impact of their business.

Some of the topics that were spoken about were the benefits of creating your very own Environmental Management System and drafting a basic sustainability assessment for your operations, whilst also sowing the seeds for business wide sustainable cultural change. 

SME’s are the backbone of the UK economy and are far more numerous than large organisations, with more and more SME’s wanting to implement change but not knowing how, they are turning to accreditations that give them a helping hand through the process.

Every business can make a difference, and the small steps taken by people like you add up to big change.

Want to know more and see how your business too can make an impact, watch the video below.

The SightCare website is here

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