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Sunbury Design celebrates their sustainability journey

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Sustainability within the textile industry with a family run business leading the way

Sunbury Design has 74 years of experience, their family business has a long and well-respected standing within the textile industry. Ben the Design Director and his team are committed to their sustainable journey, due to the positive actions that are brought by Green Mark.

The team at Sunbury Design was made aware of the need to change and to bring in sustainable change as their customers were asking about their environmental policy, assessment, and their impact. These questions lead them to ask ‘what can we do to address these questions and also have help on the way with developing our sustainable approach, with this question in their minds they arrived at Green Mark where they saw how we help SME’s and Portfolios to develop their environmental management systems, policy and also reduce their impact on the world around them.

With the dedicated help from Green Mark they have developed their sustainable journey but they noticed early on that they were already doing a lot of what we were asking from them, they just needed to refine them to make them work better for them. The team helped Sunbury Design to make small changes that they are proud of, such as their improved recycling system which allowed them to recycle more.

Ben had this to say about Green Mark,

“We haven’t had to make any major changes. All the small changes add up”.

With this said they brought in changes that will add up to help them when they go to their Level 2, examples of these are:

  • Three new collections – Sourced from 100% recyclable fibers
  • Show stand – Sustainably sourced and has been reused multiple times
  • Sustainability page – Through their involvement with Green Mark, has helped them to develop this section of their website (
  • Packaging / Samples – Now made from materials that can be recycled

Two years on from their start with us they have developed all of these core areas and put themselves in high standing with their partners, customers, and suppliers. Allowing themselves to stand out from the crowd and also meet the ever-changing requirements of their customers and making Green Mark a core part of their brand image.

You can find Sunbury Design’s website here:

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